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Tanrıkulu company union has been recycling effectively in three main field as paper, scrap and plastic and its region; Sakarya ,Kocaeli and İstanbul since 1989 . Tanrıkulu Plastic started to recycle for the purpose of producing granule plastic raw material from plastic wastes in Kocaeli , 2006. Sensing of importance of sustainable world sources , being one of leader facilities on market , Tanrıkulu Plastic is recycling waste with ;

• 30 000 sqm closed , 40 000 sqm open area
• Waste collecting and parsing points in metropolitans
• Factories with 80 000 tons of wastes processing capacities
• Experienced staff
• Fleet of dynamic trucks
• Steady product and service quality

Our facilities can manufacture with the capacity of 10 000 tons of PE; 3 000 tons of HDPE ;5 500 tons of PP ; 1 500 tons of PS per year. We are releasing Approximately 20 000 tons of recycled plastic raw materials to the market .The amount is 3 % of Turkey ‘s plastic recycling market.
We are proceeding investment of Pet factory which has got 15 000 tons pet flake processing and 10 000 tons of pet sheet production capacity for the purpose of achieving the company objective within 2014.